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May 19, 2024

Memes and ants

  • In rats, 21 days of imipramine causes D2 receptor supersensitivity ➡️ mania-like syndrome, followed by an opposite episode when imipramine is discontinued;

  • This phenomenon is well-documented, including humans - basically an unlucky genetic composition and a course of ADs can switch one from unipolar to bipolar spectrum;

  • Stimulation of NMDA receptors is required for the sensitization to occur, as MK-801 blocks this phenomenon;

  • Lithium, carbamazepine and valproate do not prevent this from happening, but memantine does, preventing ‘mania/depression’ rollercoaster;

Memantine is unique in the regard it prevents excitotoxicity in extracellular receptors but doesn’t interfere with normal synaptic NMDA activity, like ketamine and MK-801.

  • Bipolar disorder (BD) has a lifetime prevalence of approximately 5%. 83% of BD cases are classified as “seriously severe” and 17.1% as “moderately severe”;

Giving MK-801 and ketamine to your mice is a great way to drive them miceshit crazy!

  • Aforementioned extracellular NMDA effect gives memantine neuroptophic properties. It also shares some awesome properties with lithium: ⬆️BDNF, ⬇️PKC and ⬇️GSK-3b;

  • Memantine had also shown promise for ADHD, anxiety, sleep and BPD management;

  • Looks like the extracellular blockade is mostly present with low-dose memantine (although not shown in humans except a pilot study, likely to extrapolate well)

Yeaah, low-dose 🌞

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