When you’re an idiot

Everyone sees it but you.

March 1, 2024


Apparently I’ve sent the same post twice because of inattentiveness. And while I’m assembling (focus on ass) a TES slowly to test, it’s no excuse to stop posting.

A mushroom-shaped toad, my dudes

Goosebumps…what are you?!

  • Performed by piloerector muscles

  • Initially purported to make us hairier to get warmer

  • Also makes us bigger (you wish) to threaten the enemies

  • Is interconnected to brain regions responsible for processing arousal, emotion and motivation

  • One example of the former point is music: it’s filled with unpredictabilities -> sometimes perceived as a low-level threat, activating our FoF (flight-or-flight) response -> piloerector (don’t you like this word, too?)

  • An author of a goosebump study, Michell Clover, mentioned "To your brain, there's no such thing as a pleasant surprise"

  • Activation of a follicular stem cell was found to be necessary to activate goosebumps, at least in mice -> triggering new hair growth -> potential hair loss therapy?

VX-548, a potential new pain enigma

After a successful Phase 3 trial, Vertex’s happy, but let’s delve further into VX-548’s mechanism:

  • It’s an oral and selective NaV1.8 sodium ion channel inhibitor

  • NaV1.8 is specifically transporting thermal and mechanical damage signals -> pain!

  • Wiki claims it’s surprisingly stable concerning depolarization: when other ion channels may be cucked out with electricity, this bad boy can still activate and give you a pain in any part of the body!

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