Nomads in 2024

Who TF (TensorFlow) are they?

December 27, 2023

Hello /r/digitalnomad, enjoying a sip of coffee working in Punta Cana 😄

Thought I was ded? Nah, never 🙃

NomadList 2024

So, the nomad in 2023 is a 34 yo white single remote developer living in Portugal. And wow, he doesn’t even have a PhD, what a shame!

Things to consider:

Almost half are from the US

More than half are white…

Actually they’re richer than the median says, with a higher proportion of $100-250k/year (those devs…)

Wait where do those 9% of non-meat-eating, non-veg and non-pesc peeps go?…

Despite emitting 74% less than an average american, the trend is still there!

OK why do men go to Ukraine and Russia in 2023?..

Curious to see lower QoL countries in most liked and vice versa in least liked, e.g. Colombia, India, Nepal and Lithuania (wat), Gibraltar, Malta, Taiwan in the second

So OK, obviously men are the eponymous developers, and women cater to community (yeeah, community)

So, there are 360%+ more men than women without a beard… Or how to misinterpret statistics 😻

You’re apparently more attractive as a guy if you’re already in a relationship, don’t own a home and have a beard. Also a LOT of music tags, with lots of sports tags for women.

And don’t you fucking do makeup or play chess. And yeah, bowling is off the limits for everyone - can only come up with some US memes…

Surprisingly, being a developer isn’t as attractive as being a fitness coach. Why so? For women, it’s a mix-and-match of the usual distribution.

But don’t you fucking model while being a fitness coach. Or do politics!

Basically a chart and a guide.

And another one. Apparently common touristy destinations are off the charts (weep)

More stats

  • 59% work <= 40 hours/week, and 52% regularly do so on weekends (I feel them)

  • 77% had burned out at least once, but about 80% are still satisfied with their job and optimistic about future (ha-ha-ha!)

  • 83% experience guilt taking work breaks, and ~40% are feeling lonely




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