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Made gainz on Semaglutide? 👉👈

January 6, 2024

Semaglutide makes people regain weight

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Semaglutide was hailed as a cure to obesity. Turns out, things can go south in many ways 😌

Weight nourishment

Semaglutide, being a GLP-1 agonist, has the following MoA:

And it’s apparently reverted after ~a year of withdrawal. Thing to notice - cardiometabolic perks reset at week 120 even while taking Semaglutide:

The scientists say it’s because there’s an inherent setting of “defended fat mass”, under which hunger activates. So, the solution is easy (no): if you get an assistance of that set point turned lower, use that time as a window of opportunity to change your habits, not a magic-rainbow-silver-bullet-pill 🤷

Refeeding vibes

The fun thing is that restricted feeding (emulated by Ozempic) is sometimes used in cattle to improve weight gain/food consumed ratio. And also in fish.

Effects are (im)permanent?

Still, the effects don’t look long-term/permanent despite being sizeable: the benefits outweigh just the diet change.

So, we’ve got:

  • Metabolic profile reversing during even prolonged intake

  • Refeeding spree resulting in weight gain

  • Psychological reliance on a magic pill

  • Massive viral addon-placebo and bandwagon effect

A recipe for weight gain disaster? Will we see people blowing up from food? I hope not (yes please sure).

Side (bottom) effects

Source: Insatiable women in your area!

Next issue (sometime in future) will have…mental models, I swear! Even got a nice link…

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