Everything but the kitchen sink

Okay, and the sink, too.

November 14, 2023

Ozempic, now causal

So, I thought of another format - causal schizophrenic model-diagrams. Let me know if you like it or not, I’ll continue either way 😻

Ozempic UsageObesity RateSports and Lifestyle SalesSnack ConsumptionCPG ProfitsRegulatory MeasuresCPG Companies Acquire Sports CompaniesDental ServicesInsurance PremiumsDiabetes Rates decreases promotes

Text –> Diagram

A comparison of TtD instruments:

There’s actually another compilation, more comprehensive.

Mein Learning

  1. Trippy LLM leaderboard 🍄
  2. coldpress.ai | machine learning datasets
  3. Again, f-ing up safety controls with f-tuning, now with GPT-4 flavor!

Bahama, Bahama PhDama

A great opportunity to receive a PhD, become a founder, network and receive funds!

Cell reprogramming

So, when you start talking about cells, things start gettin’ pretty serious.


  • Lithium forms are GSK3 inhibitors, just like CHIR99021

  • Valproic Acid, while all awesome as a HDAC inhibitor and cAMP activator, is a rather well-known autism model. Butyrate from gut bacteria can act as HDACi of sorts, and Forskolin is a model adenylate cyclase inducer ➡️ cAMP increased. Voila, you’re awesome!

  • Parnate + Lithium Orotate + Forskolin + butyrate-inducing resistant starch makes you invulnerable to harm and potentially dead

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