We’re up all life to get happy

Or not?

March 29, 2024


More like olds.

Antibodies from scratch…using AI AI AI AI

RFDiffusion, basically Stable Diffusion for proteins, was used for a principle-of-work of generating antibodies selective to four disease epitopes (places for an antibody to bind, very simply speaking) + influenza hemagglutinin in a recent paper. It’s also available on Colab if that’s your cup of tea, and there’s two of you…

The workings are great to look at:

Way to go bind!

Remember Devin, the autonomous developer? Meet AutoDev by Microsoft

Too automated to sit tight.

Some more attempts to introduce an autonomous dev are, in no particular order:

Free non-sleeping (almost) development environment

Lightning.ai delivers, a lot:

  • 4 CPU Cores

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 100 GB Storage

  • Optional GPUs, with ~22 hours of T4 included monthly

  • SSH Access + connecting local VS Code

Way to code!

An interesting approach to distilling merging LLMs

So, basically it goes as follows:

It’s applied either to Data Flow Space (Layers, e.g. 1-30 of model A and 4-9 of model B), or Parameter Space (Weights). And…voila, you’re having an automated approach to checking different model combinations and selecting the best!

We could generalize it as follows: slice up in constituent parts -> combine in some optimized way 🙃

Happy happiness

Global happiness in 2024

Happiness levels among younglings (and the source)

Factors influencing happiness:

First 30 countries by factors:

Oldlings (30+ (coughs)):

Top climbers in happiness 2006…2010 ➡️ 2021…2023:

Feelings of social support, loneliness and social interactions:

Country detailed rankings:

Some of the conclusions:

Boomers and earlier generations are happier than Gen Xers, who are in turn happier than their 21st Century successors.

Marriage and the family are important elements of the social context whose importance to happiness may vary by age. For example, it has been found that in some countries that normally exhibit a U-shape the protective effects of marriage and living together are greatest for those in the middle age group, so that the U-shape is flatter, and mid-life relatively happier for the married, a finding we have been able to confirm with our global data.

All of the top 10 countries, except for Australia and the Netherlands, have populations less than 15 million, while in the top twenty, only Canada and the United Kingdom have populations over 30 million.

Overall, I’d HIGHLY recommend reading the report despite trying to distilling it - too much awesome data on happiness 💓

Greater Good Science resources

A plethora of articles on different topics, from awe to compassion and gratitude:

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